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isolée / we are monster / playhouse

When it comes to a new Isolée album, the words "highly anticipated" are an understatement. Jounalist, Philip Sherburne has been hyping this album since the word go. After five years, Rajko Moller returns with a full-length filled with squelchy synths, disco beats and some of electronic music's catchiest melodies.
listen: do re mi
listen: pictureloved
listen: enrico

ellen allien / thrills / bpitch

Ellen Allien's new album, Thrills, has all the inventive German electro-techno/minimal vocal style of her previous efforts. A well-crafted club-feel is subtly woven into this album via fat bass booms and extra layers of melody and atmosphere that fill the room tastefully.
listen: the brain is lost
listen: naked rain

triple r / flashback: mbf / trau

MBF (My Best Friend) is a recent sub-label of Traum that has been releasing Germany's answer to neo-jacking, Chicago-style funky acid house. For those of us who love the idea of clean, streamlined techno injected with some jacking, almost disco funk blackness, MBF is a godsend.
listen: steve barnes & riley reinhold / someday
listen: youthanasia / mondo cane

sanso-xtro / sentimentalist / type

Type Records brings us yet another great debut, this time from Sanso-xtro (aka Melissa Agate). Though Sentimentalist was created from digitally manipulated instruments like guitar, ukulele, kalimba, drums and synths, the end result is an album that is much more than just another venture in modern laptop electronics. The influences of traditional Middle Eastern and African music are equally apparent. This is a must have album for fans of Type Records and Rune Grammophon releases, as well as like minded artists such as Goldmund, Tape and Mountains.
listen: misplaced feather
listen: unsentimental

antony and the johnsons / hope there's someone / secretly canadian

The second single from Antony's stunning I Am A Bird Now album, this includes the title track as it appears on the full-length, plus an equally haunting video for the song. The two b-sides are out-takes from the album sessions, and can hold their own with most of that record, particularly the lovely and intense "Frankenstein." A great treat for the fans.
listen: frankenstein